Acropolis Mall

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The Story

Rewarding as parenthood is, children can often come in the way of their progenitors attending to day-to-day errands, getting much needed R&R, or even having a social life. A quick fix to this problem that most parents are or have been guilty of resorting to is doling out digital entertainment so their kids are busy glued to the Mobile/TV/Laptop/iPad screen while they can make a quick dash toward uninterrupted adulting.

However, this is just the start (and never-ending finish) to kids forming unhealthy, sedentary, and addictive habits and hobbies that actively discourage exercise, enjoying the bounty of Mother Nature or the Great Outdoors, etc.

Acropolis Mall, ever the source of Joy to the City of Joy came up with a colourful solution that bounced away both problems at once with a million little balls.

We had the honour of communicating this nifty solution to Kolkata parents through this endearing video that we conceptualised, produced and disseminated for them. Watch it to know how sweet little Hardith and his loveable mom managed to enjoy a fantastic day out- her attending to some long overdue retail therapy and him getting some much-needed break from the TV screen.

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