SKU Cataloguing

Our data operators are well-versed in using Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, and various other Content Management Systems. Our operationally savvy, experienced, friendly, and scalable team helps you go live at the speed you want and at a mere fraction of the cost you'd expect. We’ve uploaded, tagged, and catalogued SKUs across categories ranging from Fashion, Lifestyle, Electronics, Furnishing, Medicine to even Fertilisers and Pesticides! Our in-depth experience and passion for efficiency often enables us to recommend ways of optimising and refining your processes further, so, your SKUs go the extra mile to grow your business.

SKU Attributions

Our advanced proficiency with MS Excel combined with our FBI-level detection skills enables us to find, vet, and populate each of the attributes for each of your SKUs quickly and accurately in a way that is easy and smooth for your operations team to understand and upload at your backend. The magic doesn’t end there. We use the data that we’ve gathered to derive actionable insights that help you understand your category and product breakdown, consumer tastes and preferences, and more!